T-Mobilitat Barcelona

Updated Jun 03 2023

The T-Mobilitat is the new public transportation card in Barcelona which will replace the current 84 transport tickets (actually there are 14 kinds of cards by 6 different areas of transport). This is a great revolution with respect to the public city transport operation will be very similar to other major European and world cities. The integration of the T-Mobilitat will be progressively from 2018 and for a period of time both (the new with the T-Mobilitat card and current with the different types of cards) tariff systems coexist. Thus it is expected that citizenship, gradually accustoming to go it will definitely be a big change.

Benefits and features of the T-Mobilitat

Although until February 26, 2018, coinciding with the celebration of the Mobile World Congress 2018, will not be made an official presentation, already know some of the features and enhancements that include the new integrated fare system. Because of the characteristics that are known so far, it seems that this is very similar to the Oyster Card service London transport card and you will have many improvements over the current system. Hopefully the price of the service with the new card, which in the end is what interested us all just not suffer an increase.

A unic card for every user
Social bonuses are kept
Profile online

Questions and answers about the new card

Surely there are many questions that today we formulate “I pay more or less for transportation?”, “How this new system really work?” Where and how you can recharge the cards? “”Will they be able seniors to understand and adapt to the new system?”. We are confident that we will gradually having answers to these and many other questions.

More information about the T-Mobilitat

As you get to know more details about the new T-Mobilitat card and its operation will update this section as well as reporting on the updates on our social networks Facebook and Twitter.

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