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If you would like to buy a gift or a souvenir of your stay in Barcelona, you’ll have no problem at all doing so, as the city is full of shops dedicated to selling souvenirs to the many tourists who visit each year. The shops vary in quality and price, but you’ll get a feel for places when you enter, and you’ll be able to pick up anything relating to the culture, history and traditions of Barcelona and Catalonia.

Where can I find souvenir shops?

Just as in any large city, the souvenir shops are well-situated, mainly in the following four places – in the heart of the city centre, inside the city’s museums, inside or near tourist attractions and in the airport.

In the city centre

The majority of the souvenir and gift shops in the centre of Barcelona can be found along the Ramblas and in the surrounding areas. Although actually the typical Spanish culture as perceived by foreigners, that of the world of flamenco and bullfighting, has little or possibly nothing to do with Catalan culture, many of these shops offer, let’s say, ‘typical’ Spanish souvenirs. Believe it or not, you’ll probably find all sorts of souvenirs that don’t even relate to Spain – it’s not unusual to come across Mexican hats, for example, amongst other foreign imports!

Even so, if what you’re after is a small memento of your time in Spain for friends and family, these shops should have just what you’re looking for, as they have a wide variety of fridge magnets, pictures, postcards, keyrings, ornamental glasses and cups – you name it, they have got it! The ever-popular FC Barcelona souvenirs are also sold here, but you should be aware that fakes are common, so we suggest going to the FC Barcelona stadium itself, to El Corte Inglés, to any Nike store or to an official Barça store to buy the official products.

If you’re in the city center and you’d like to buy a more original, higher quality gift or souvenir, we would recommend leaving behind the shops on Las Ramblas and venturing a little further along the side streets, where you’ll find some lovely independent shops.

Gift and souvenir shops that we recommend

Passeig de Gràcia, 51-55.
c/ Argenteria, 69.

Art Montfalcón
c/ dels Boters 4.

Galería Maxó
c/ Petrtixol, 18.
c/ del Portal Nou, 29.

El Corte Inglés
Pl. (square) de Catalunya, 14.
*Existen otros centros de El Corte Inglés.

c/ Mallorca 418.

OMG Barcelona
Pl. (square) de la Llana 7.

In museums

The gift shops in Barcelona’s museums are, in the majority of cases, the perfect places to buy presents. They usually sell specific souvenirs relating to the museum itself, as well as more general gifts. Products in these shops are nearly always of a higher quality to those that can be bought at the souvenir shops around Las Ramblas, and you’ll find that they are more unique too. The price is usually higher, but in these circumstances we do recommend paying that bit more for better quality – your friends will appreciate it!

Within tourist attractions

Tourists attractions such as the Sagrada Familia or the Park Güell have stores within them and nearby, and again they sell specific items relating to the attractions as well as more general souvenirs. We would recommend you to visit the shop which is located at the main entrance to Park Güell; it’s small, but within it you’ll find all sorts of original and colourful gifts which are related to the park and its famous architect, Antoni Gaudí.

At the airport

It might not have much individuality or character, especially as it’s sometimes seen as a sign of leaving things to the last minute, but actually Barcelona Airport has a wealth of very elegant and unique gifts which your friends and family are sure to appreciate, so don’t worry if you run out of time when you’re in Barcelona itself. We do recommend you take a last look round the shops at the airport before catching your flight home, as it’s likely that you’ll find something that catches your eye!



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