Being a city with such a rich archaeological history, it’s not surprising that Barcelona has a lot of museums relating to archaeology, both of local origin and that of much further afield. Thanks to the ArqueoTicket card, you can benefit from savings on entry prices to the museums that interest you.

All about the ArqueoTicket

Ideal for enthusiasts of archaeology and history in general, at a cost of €13.50 the ArqueoTicket gives you free entry to the MAC (Catalunya’s Museum of Archaeology), the Born CC (El Born Centre Cultural), various parts of MUHBA (Barcelona’s History Museum), and the Egyptian Museum.

The ArqueoTicket is valid for a year after purchase, which makes it ideal for the locals as well as tourists, especially as the MUHBA has several sites across the city, all of which are worth a visit. It sometimes works out as financially beneficial to tourists too, as they can prioritise what they would like to see, and still save money without visiting everything.

Museums covered by ArqueoTicket

Catalunya’s Museum of Archaeology displays all kinds of archaeological remains, that show the evolution of Catalunya from the prehistoric age to the decline of the Roman Empire.
Price without ArqueoTicket: 4.50€.

Barcelona’s Egyptian Museum
Housing around 1000 artefacts, Barcelona’s Egyptian Museum is one of the most impressive museums of its kind.
Price without ArqueoTicket: 11.00€.

In a city with such a wonderful heritage, Barcelona’s History Museum houses many important archaeological remains in its many sites across the city.
Price without ArqueoTicket: 7.00€.

El Born centre Cultural
The archaeological site of El Born Cultural Centre is unique in the European continent.
Price without ArqueoTicket: 6,00€.

Where to buy the ArqueoTicket

You can buy the ArqueoTicket online, and you can pick it up at any of the museums which accepts the ArqueoTicket, remembering to take your proof of purchase with you.

purchase ArqueoTicket

Purchase ArqueoTicket


Barcelona Turisme

You can save up to €15.00 by purchasing the ArqueoTicket, if you plan to visit all of the museums. However, bear in mind that visiting the MUHBA is free after 3pm on Sundays, and also all day every first Sunday of the month.


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